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Riva travel team floats over to Venice!

A quick stop in the 'city of water' to check out the cuisine, the famous hospitality, and the stunning surroundings! A cuisine funnily enough largely dominated by seafood, this City...


Tuscany with Riva travel team!

In central Italy, the cuisine is traditional and flavoursome!  Using fresh grown tomatoes, a variety of meat, fish and cheeses, the dishes we have been treated to have blown us...


Riva team hits up Florence!

So our travels took us through the scenic and iconic city of Rome where we quickly caught the sites while veering off the beaten track to find some of the...


The Riva team go in search of inspiration

Call it a fact finding mission, call it a staff bonding trip, call it research, you know what?  Call it whatever you like, we are off to Italy! Today we set...


The great prosecco famine of 2016…

Say it isn't so! As the UK's interest in the delicious Italian fizz just keeps growing and growing, there are fears that there simply aren't enough grapes in Italy to...



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