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Naples final stop as search for the worlds best pizza concludes!

Posted by Grant Murray

Yes we had one thing on our mind when visiting this historic and beautiful city….pizza.

We went off the tourist trail and got friendly with some locals, whom we hoped would guide us towards where we could find the best and most authentic pizza in the city after a few aperitifs.  Well, they did more than that!

We were taken to a local eatery, where the newest member of the kitchen team has been there for over 30 years!  With the exchange of some Scottish Whisky and some Limoncello, we were invited the next day to come along and learn how the Italians make pizza.  With traditional family recipes for the base, sauce and toppings, dating back hundreds of years, they saw it as less of a closely guarded secret, and more of an opportunity to educate and spread the great flavours of this incredible region!

We have never tasted rustic pizza quite like this, and we look forward to sharing it with you, and spreading the legacy of this incredible family!

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