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Rivas’ Ali takes gold in Italian Liqueur cocktail competition!

Posted by Grant Murray

Here at Riva we are famed for our food.  Carefully selected, local produce, lovingly prepared with Italian influence and creativity!

This has always been our concept and our focus, but another thing the Italians do incredibly well that has inspired us, is their alcohol!

With some of the greatest wine, liqueurs, aperitifs, and spirits known to the planet, Italy is a true paradise for all booze connoisseurs. And here at Riva, we like to showcase the best of the best!

On Monday 3rd July, ten of the best bartenders in Inverness battled it out at Bar One, in front of some esteemed judges, to create an original and inspired cocktail using the iconic Italian liqueur, Disaronno.

With his hilarious, yet informative presentation, our very own Bar Manager, Ali Mackay presented his drink ‘A Doors Inn’ (A play on one of Ali’s favourite places, and an anagram for Disaronno itself) to the judges. Taking inspiration from the deep history of Disaronno and combining that with his Scottish influences, he wowed the judges with his perfectly balanced drink, that truly showcased the flavour of the Italian staple, and ended up taking the top prize!

A Doors Inn

Disaronno,  Fig liqueur, Honey water syrup, Lemon juice and a touch of smoky scotch whisky!

Well done Ali!

Why not ask him for one when you see him!?

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